River Ducks

I spent the day Sunday along the Saint Clair River in Port Huron and on the Detroit River at Belle Isle. The wind was blowing offshore so the big rafts of ducks were pretty far away but there were still a few ducks hanging around land. The winter has been so cold that food is scarce and I saw some ducks that didn’t make it. There was also a Bald Eagle but he was over on the Canadian side so no photos. Pictured below are Redheads, Canvasbacks, Red-breasted Mergansers, a Common Merganser, a Goldeneye, and a Greater Scaup.

Goldeneye Greater Scaup Merganser 1 Merganser 2 Merganser 4 Merganser Red 1 Redhead 1 Redhead 2 Canvasback 1 canvasback 2

Canvasback 3